In a Nutshell…

“How is life in a nutshell?”
“I don’t know, I’ve never been in a nutshell”

We are back, we were never really gone to be honest but we are back here, now, wordpressing after 6 months of unwordpressing.

It has been a very busy half a year. Since premiering Volcano at the Brighton Festival on the 10th of May we’ve taken the show on an Autumn “tour that’s not a tour”, so far performing it at Shoreditch Town Hall and The Point in Eastleigh. Whilst doing that we’ve been booking the real tour for Spring 2014 (as well as chewing off our fists writing the ACE application for it).

 We’ve developed a performance lecture for recent and soon-to-be graduates called Tips for The Real World: If you’re not crying you’re not doing it right which was performed at Falmouth University in June and the In The City series at the Parlour Showrooms in Bristol in October. We are set to tour this across universities and other venues in the summer term of 2014.

This week we have had a residency with Ausform in Bristol with a project called AFFIX in collaboration with designers and textile makers Sabrina Shirazi and Annelies Henny. We also ran a devise/design workshop with students from Adam Smith College in Fife, where Rachael used to study.

Rachael has been working for In the City as a production assistant and expanding her web design skills.

I have been performing in Verity Standen’s Hug at The Wardrobe Theatre, collaborating with Cheap Date Dance and working on a solo show with Diana Ross in it.

This Friday we head off to France for our final instalment of “the tour that’s not a tour” and then on Tuesday the 3rd of December Clerke and Joy, global supa-starrrs fly out to Mumbai for 3 weeks to run workshops for Thespo 15‘ and create the beginnings of a new show supported by Falmouth University and ONLY THE BLOODY BRITISH COUNCIL.

Needless to say, we’re pretty much wetting ourselves with excitement.
Or perhaps that the 20,000 cups of coffee we’re drinking in order to get through our beast of a to do list with more things on it than there are hours in the day.

Either way, we’ll let you know how it goes.


J x


(photo by Paul Blakemore)


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