Welcome to India

Calls cost £1.70 per minute.

We’re here. Actually. For real. Finally here. After 13.5 gloriously long hours in Heathrow airport we finally know how our Pilot might have actually felt. Well fed and fidgety. But instead of a Karaoke bar we’re now sitting in the Thespo/QTP office in Mumbai after the first day of our workshop ‘devising about now’.

Day one has been..hot. but also great. we’re working with some fantastic people who generously indulged our excessive directives and exercises and came up with the foundations of some brilliant pieces of work.

Apart from only apparently eating South Indian food and locking ourselves out of our flat, nothing has gone too wrong yet. Neither of us have experienced ‘Delhi belly’ or been run over by a rickshaw (is there even a rush hour in Mumbai or is it just consistently and endlessly like that all day) …yet anyway. We have high hopes.

Day 2 of the workshop promises some silly news reading tactics and the decoding of bengal-baba’s secret messages.

Our eyes are full, our minds are full and now we’re off to fill our bellies.

This is the view from our studio. More tourist photos to follow.


Love Jojo and Rachael

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