Clerke and Joy Christmas photo and update

Sunday 15th December

A bit of radio silence, but we are still alive – promise. We’ve not been able to get online all week.

In the past week we have:

– finished running our five day ‘devising about now’ workshop, and worked with our students to create a twenty minute show that was performed on the Thespo fringe stage on Tuesday. It was called ‘postering over the cracks’ and took its shape from a news article about a Bengali Baba (wise man) who had been arrested for scamming people and offering them no emotional satisfaction/wisdom/whatever. It was a four hander with soundscapes, texts written by the group, a dance routine to a Bollywood hit, a back wall getting continually postered over the course of the performance, and four pairs of white shoes in varying degrees of dirtiness.

– watched all of the selected festival shows, including one great show in Marathi (the Maharashtran state language) called Kabadi-Uncut, which was about the rag-pickers who live on India’s huge landfill sites and sort through the nation’s rubbish for recycling to sell, and was so good that it didn’t really matter at all that we didn’t understand a word of it.

– worked out that since the 30th November we have watched five shows in English, four shows in French, three shows in Marathi and two in Hindi. It would be good to know a few more languages.

– taught our two day workshop ‘creating DIY environments’ (the weather workshop) at Prithvi house to a great group of seventeen students. Looking at sound (soundscapes, circle jams, foley) body (walking through weather, slow motion, affecting each other’s movements) miniature (creating an environment in a bowl, in a metre square) and large environments (open improvisation space with props and projection) the participants created text to use as the basis for short performances that travelled through an environment that was created live by the rest of the group. It was chaotic and messy but a lot of fun, and everyone made really good work in the end.

– visited Crawford market and the gateway of India on our touristy day off on Thursday, where we immediately got a bindi smeared on our heads, a bit of string tied round our wrists and asked for money. It was good to go though, and see a bit more of South Bombay, and we spent the afternoon drinking beer with Nadia, who was one of our participants from our workshops, and it was a nice way to spend a day.

The weather is getting a bit cooler here now, about 30 degrees rather than 35 (it is winter after all). Unfortunately this means that the cold shower in our flat is less enjoyable than it used to be. Weather, huh.
It is definitely not snowing.

Here is the Clerke and Joy Christmas photo.


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