Last week, yesterday.

Confusingly, here is a blog post I wrote last Monday. We’ve had nae internet til now.

Today is Monday, although it will be a different today when you read this (unless it is another Monday). Anyway, the day you read this is not the day I am writing it, in bed at Rupal Appartments 1, opposite the HSBC bank, just up from Juhu circle.

Today saw the last day of our five day workshop ‘devising about now’, and the bringing together of a little 17 minute show that will happen tomorrow at Prithvi theatre (which is so far my favourite place to be in this city) as part of the opening of Thespo 15 festival. Watching a run through earlier today, I thought, ‘yes, this is a nice wee show. A bit odd perhaps in this context, but it’s a nice wee show all the same, and I am proud of our participants for making it, and for letting us help them to make it.’ It was a nice thought to have.

Today, besides generally nailing the show, we did hardcore warm ups, difficult exercises on ‘doing nothing’, and some excellent ‘walking around the room as a group’, which quickly turned into dancing, jumping and running around the room, as it should. The group were energetic, which more than made up for yesterday afternoon when, after we all went out for a big lunch in the hot middle of the day, the class could have been mistaken for a group of sloths, being taught by two more sloths; all in need of a nap.

Today we were all ‘on it’.

[Today we also had a hilarious conversation about the Hindi pronunciation of jadu (magic) and jhadoo (broom). I’m still not convinced there is a difference.]

Tomorrow will be exciting. Tomorrow the festival starts. Tomorrow is the show. Tomorrow we’re also not going to get up until 10am(!)

But today, now, I’m going to sleep.




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