The Future (aka Cardiff)


In case you didn’t guess from the name, the Wales Millennium Centre is a big theatre. Really big. Here’s a photo in case you don’t believe me. It’s the sort of big that everyone built around the millennium, when we all thought that the world was going to end because of a computer bug, but simultaneously decided that we were entering the future and everything from here on in would be glass and steel and big money to build big arts centres and tourist attractions. It’s one of those. It’s also in Wales, in case you didn’t guess that from the name either. (Try harder).

It’s so totally out of our league – our poster was up in between Derren Brown and Wicked – but it’s fun to be here and almost in parallel with the venue being way nicer than we’re used to, this felt like the first date where we finally nailed this touring thing, and it paid off in the show. Up until now it’s felt like we’re always doing something a bit wrong; like we’re a bit too rushed, or we don’t know the show quite well enough. Obviously, it’s a learning curve…

In Cardiff we took our time, didn’t scrimp on accommodation and hired a van. Which doesn’t sound like much, but we’ve never done this before. We’re used to being skint and rushed all the time, piling things into suitcases and lugging them on the train, working around other jobs and jobseekers appointments and it’s taken a while for it to really sink in that this is our job, and that the Arts Council have given us money to be able to do this properly. Here, we did. We were the little kids in the big super-future venue but we did ok. We had a small but friendly audience and we even sold a volcano jumper. We had a good time.

Now we’re taking the future-Clerke and Joy from the Cardiff future-venue on to Rose Bruford, to Salisbury and, in June, to France. Now we’re going to do it all properly.

Or something like that.

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