Almost there… almost… yeah.

I am in a pre-show state of disrepair. Everything is broken. I am broken. Yesterday my very expensive and eternally* useful camera wouldn’t turn on. My headphones are held together with araldite and sellotape. My laptop is doing something strange with sound that is horrendously worrying seeing as we are planning to operate the show from it on Friday. I have a blister on my left foot that is making it difficult to walk. As soon as the sun came out an arm fell of my sunglasses. I need a hair cut. I need to clear up the desktop of my computer so I can actually see the things I’m meant to be working on. I need to sort out all of these things but I just. Don’t. Have. Time.

They will have to wait.

Almost there.

Four days.




Three videos from our week in the mud

This week we’ve been working in the pit (small space) at The Basement, trying to address one of our issues with the show, which is that we love having a load of soil (ASH) on stage, but really, we don’t use it very much, or enough to justify it. Here are some of the things we’ve been playing with. We’re particularly excited about the last video of the Northern Lights over the pilot.

These are also worth watching if, like many others, you think we are making a show where we dance to songs about volcanoes. We love them too, but *this* stuff might actually be in the show!






An introduction of sorts.

Blogging is evidently not our forte

So where were we? We are Clerke and Joy. Rachael and Jojo. This is our blog about a show that we started making about a year ago and will continue making for a bit longer. The show is about volcanoes and humans, and in its first incarnation became A volcano perpetually erases its own history, which was my (Rachael) degree show in May 2012 at Falmouth University.

Since then we have been commissioned to work on a developed version of the show by The Basement, Brighton, and also very kindly been supported by the Arts Council on this endevour, so now we are making this new version, and we’re not on the dole, and we’re really grateful for that. The show is now called Volcano, and is performed by Rachael Clerke, Josephine Joy and Adrian Spring (+possibly one more!) and will premiere at 7.30 on the 10th of May during the Brighton Festival.